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WAM Supplying Equipment for Incinerator

01/03/2013  |  Singapore
Across the globe, growing volumes of waste and soaring energy prices are making Waste-to-Energy (WTE) a leading solution for a cleaner future. WTE plants not only help in landfill diversion through as much as 90% reduction in volume of waste disposed. Using proven technology, the incinerator-boiler also captures the energy embedded in materials such as paper, leather, wood and food scraps, using that energy to generate steam and electricity.

The use of WTE plants for generation of electricity and steam reduces dependence on fossil fuels for the same purpose. As an alternative solution to landfilling of unsorted waste (due to limited land area), WTE plants contribute to greenhouse gas reduction by minimising methane release from organic waste decomposition in landfills.
With the acceleration of growth of the number of immigrants and never ending infrastructural developments in Singapore, the production of waste has increased significantly. On average, Singapore has generated an approximate 6.4 million tonnes of waste per year over the past six years. TUAS Incineration Plant is Singapore’s second incineration plant to be built. Keppel Seghers, the environmental engineering division of Keppel Integrated Engineering, who designed and built the plant back in 1986, had brought together resources, skills and experience of both the public and private sector. A retrofitting exercise, which took place in 2003 to further improve the waste management process, was completed in 2007.

WAM Singapore’s predecessor, WAM Far East, had participated in the project under the section of fly-ash treatment process in which a number of WAM components was involved: heavy-duty screw feeders, MAP continuous single shaft mixers, flow aids, and slide valves.
A new tender was raised in 2012 to replace the worn out machines which had been working continuously under severe conditions such as in high temperature conditioning processes due to after-burning in the upstream plant sections, and high abrasiveness of fly-ash and the lime powder mixture.
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